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Marine Environment
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26/02/15 : We are looking for experts graduated from High management schools with sound experience in financial and economic analysis of development projects, Specific experience in food industries in Morocco

26/02/15 : We are seeking an expert specialized in seafood processing technologies Graduated in fisheries industries or equivalent

26/02/15 : An expert in international fish trade; Graduated in fisheries economics, trade or marketing or equivalent

From To Réalisé par Continent
Countries Domain Title Client
2001 2001 South America French Guiana Aquaculture Feasibility study of an integrated small scale fish farming in Papaïchton, Maroni. Fishing gear and fishing multi activities, hunting and agro forestry agriculture / social and economic organization / market. Assessment of concerned Amazonian species and opportunitis in aquaculture. Piscicultural technical report. DIREN - Mission for the creation of the Guyana Parc GENERAL COUNCIL OF GUYANA
2000 2000 South America French Guiana Fisheries Study of cost breakdown of the marine small scale fishery in French Guyana. ORGANISATION OF PRODUCTORS OF SEAFOOD PRODUCTS OF FRENCH GUYANA
1997 1997 South America Guyana Fisheries Market study for fish produced in the French Guyana in Europe. LOCAL AGENCY
1997 1997 South America Guyana Fisheries Economic study of shrimp fishery in French Guyana (POSEIDOM programme of EU). LOCAL AGENCY
1994 1994 South America French Guiana Fisheries Study on shrimp trawlers by-catch of French Guyana. Situation in French Guyana and comparative examples. MINISTRY OF OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT & TERRITORIES
1991 1991 South America French Guiana Fisheries Technical and economic audit, and development scheme of the artisanal fisheries of French Guyana. Development project and investments for the period 1991-95. REGIONAL COUNCIL
1988 1988 South America Colombia Aquaculture Integrated shrimp project : farm of 165 ha, (600 T/year), hatchery (100 million PL/year), feed plant CAMCAR (CAMARONES DEL CARIBE)
1988 1988 South America Uruguay Fisheries Identification of fishing and fish products marketing projects. EUROPEAN COMMUNITY COMMISSION
1987 1987 South America Venezuela Fisheries Technical and economic appraisal of methods for shrimp fishery by-catches utilisation. INTERAMERICAN DEVT, BANKFONAIAP PRODETEC
1985 1985 South America Colombia Aquaculture Regional Development Plan for Coastal Aquaculture FAO AND INDERENA
1983 1983 South America Colombia Aquaculture Regional Plan for Aquaculture Development in the Gulf of Uraba CORPOURABA (with SOGREAH)
1982 1982 South America Brazil Fisheries Feasibility study and appraisal of a tuna fishing exploratory campaign. ORTHONGEL
1979 1979 South America Guyana Aquaculture Hatchery for freshwater prawn (20 million PL/year) ADMINISTRATION OF GUYANA AND GUYANE AQUACULTURE

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